Hieyo, Welcome to our first blog post!

 Beginning I will tell you the story that weaves two hearts into one art. At the turn of the millennium, against the back drop of California’s setting sun, a girl was born in the south and a boy in the north. Destined to find each other they both grew up with family as the core value and sole goal of this life. Nature and alone was the only place they both felt at home, but like Oak trees roots in the Bay Area are connected to the Eucalyptus roots of San Clemente, the two were already connecting. 

The hearts, strangely enough, were already singing the same songs and it was choir throughout respective high schools that pushed them out of the dark and into art. They both felt monetary value meant nothing to their souls, it was experience they valued. Travel with choir gave them the adventures throughout Spain and showcased at Carnegie Hall, which was the experiences they valued. Looking back, they could not picture a single one of those moments as fully as they wished. Palpably not together, our hearts swore to immortalize the moment. Working both as care givers they found capturing a pure smile is the time traveling device that takes you back to the moment the memory was made. Although our hearts already shared the same occupation their physical distance was now oceans apart. Lyon France was the home to a family with three children and in this place, as an au pair, our heart reaffirmed his family value as the highest value. There he took his first steps of capturing light but would not be constrained by technical advances, so film photography became his medium and the French families as his muse. Half a world away, the other half of his heart was mastering social media mania into actual value. The backbone of dedication to her studies was her absolute love for the camera. It didn’t matter if it was a video or a picture, her heart was driven to understand every side of the lens. Two photographers in the making but they had one last value to reaffirm before they were to meet.

What connects every moment together but is never the same? Light. Constantly moving, light is always adapting in the moment to provide for everything. Both our hearts valued light and they not only wanted to emulate it but share their gratitude so others will pass it on. 

Adaptability was admired so much it drove one heart to drive the continental 48 states and live on the road for 11 months. When asked why do all that traveling he simply replied, ”I’m trying to live like light so I can understand and share light.” Soon the road would lead right to the door of the choir room where they would meet; however, not before the other half of his heart found her way providing for others in the spirit of light. 

Small business to entire departments she created art through her social media management that lit someones dream further down their path. Watching others dreams come true pushed her to question and create what her dreams look like. Two dreams became a reality. From the moment she walked up to him they both new the person they felt through nature, with the admiration for light, and goal of family was the walking dream standing before them. Their love was instant and grew daily until they created their dream they both shared before they even met. Birthed, was Del Mar Digital. From families to small business they could create art to share light that would immortalize the moment. Solomon and Faith, two names that seem fated to be together. Their new dream? Capturing yours.