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Note: All services start at $325.


Do you have experience photographing brands or products?

Yes, our company collectively holds five years of experience in photographing brands and products. Additionally, our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in this area. Together, we've successfully collaborated with numerous clients to capture their brand essence and highlight their product features effectively through photography.

What image rights do I receive?

You'll receive unrestricted usage rights for the photos, allowing you to utilize them for your own purposes without limitations. However, in some cases, our company, Del Mar Digital, may be unable to use the images for our own brand due to additional costs incurred. Despite this limitation, clients are granted full usage rights with proper credit. While no one has tried to buy out our company's name from credits, we're open to discussing any concerns or unique requests regarding image rights

How will you prepare for my brand session?

To prepare for our brand session, we will ensure a thorough understanding of your brand identity and objectives. This involves extensive research into your industry, target audience, and competitors. If you have specific visual references or branding guidelines, we'll gather and integrate them into our session plan. Together, we'll discuss shot concepts and visual storytelling strategies tailored precisely to your brand.

What will the day of the session look like?

On the day of the session, we'll arrive fully equipped with the necessary gear and props to capture your brand essence effectively. Throughout the session, we'll maintain open communication to address any concerns or adjustments, ensuring we stay aligned with your vision. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver high-quality images that not only meet but exceed your expectations, perfectly encapsulating your brand's identity and messaging.

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Our Process


Book the session

The moment we are contacted a personalized contract is written to cover all needs. Once signed, the retainer is paid, and a confirmation message is sent!


Capture the moment

All together now, we create a magical moment. It all starts with making you feel like yourself and ends with your charm captured.


Turn the photo into art

In a photo, there is nothing more breathe taking than what is already there. Our editing process is done with each image individually to let its natural beauty gleam.